Manual bed (1M2111)

Bed board made of 1 mm thickness          
galvanized steel with compressed holes  
divided to 2 sections, 17mm aluminum joints  
Aluminum side rails, foldable
5inches castors 4 with brakes
The head and foot board.made of high-strength
(ABS) plastic  
Bed frame is made of 8 × 4 sections 1.8mm
thickness,tow supporters for legs, electrostatic

Co2 Welding

Sand blasting 

Dimensions: Length: 205 cm, Width: 90 cm
Height: 60 cm .positions : Back rest lifting  
from 0° to 70°
hand crank with nickel coated handle that is
foldable under  the bed ( movement protection)
4places for IV pole holder and 4 Urine bag
holders, S.S IV pole
Safe working load 250kg
Optional: without side rails


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