Hydraulic patient trolley (TR 6H553311)

4sections trolley board, made of thermosetting
laminated plastic sheet (HPL), X-ray translucent
cassette holder slot

Plastic (ABS) side rails 2 pieces, foldable

5inches castors with central locking steering wheel

Push handles

Bed frame is made of 6 × 4 & 4×7 steel sections
.1.8mm thickness, electrostatic coated

Co2 Welding

Sand blasting

Dimensions: Length: 198cm, Width: 78cm

,positions : Back rest lifting from 0° to 70°      
Leg rest lifting from 0° to 45 , height adjustment
 from 50cm to 88cm, trendlingburg : 30°   
reverse – trendlingburg : -30° , Chair position

Lifting hydraulic pump, 5 Gas springs

4places for IV pole holder

3inches wheels as bumpers on each corner

Oxygen cylinder holder

Safe working load 200kg

Mattress, IV pole

,Optional: Aluminum side rails, foldable
5inches castors  4 with brakes

Optional: POWER PACKER hydraulic pump Netherlan

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