Manual Patient Trolley (TR 2M312)

Bed board made of 1 mm thickness           
steel with compressed holes divided to 2
sections, 17mm aluminum joints       
Plastic (ABS) side rails 2 pieces, foldable  
5inches castors with central
Trolley frame is  made of 6×4 & 4×7 steel sections,  
.1.8mm thickness, electrostatic coated

Co2 Welding

Sand blasting 

Dimensions: Length: 195cm, Width: 65cm
Positions: Back rest lifting from 0° to 70°
height adjustment from 50cm to 78.5cm
Hand Crank with Nickel coated, handle  
that is foldable, Gas spring to support
crank movement
Gas spring for the back left  
3places for IV pole holder
2inches wheels as bumpers on each corner
Oxygen cylinder holder
Safe working load 200kg
Mattress, IV pole
Optional: aluminum side
rails, 5 inches castors 4 with brakes


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