Bed head unit

BMI bed head unit is suitable for use with hospital beds that require access to a number of electrical, telecommunications and medical gas outlets.
Units conform completely to ISO EN 11197 and IEC EN 60601/1 standards and provide users with the following benefits:

  • We are able to meet our customers' needs and to create tailor-made appliances. You can communicate which type of gas outlets and electrical socket and nurse call , telephone socket , data socket units , we will prepare the bed head unit according to your wishes
  • Bed Head Units made of extruded aluminum with round and smooth shape corners
  •  bed head unit is consisted of multi-channel construction allowing for separation of medical gas and electrical installation
  • The BMI unit can be fitted with indirect lamps for room illumination, Direct-light provides excellent illumination for reading,
  • Body and cover color choices depending on user request This helps to meet the existing colors in the patient room

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