S.S manual pediatric bed (BED CH01)
Bed board made of stainless steel mesh thickness 5mm, divided to 2 sections .Stainless steel side rails, foldable     3inches castors 2 with brakes Bed frame is made of square pipe 2.5×2.5 cm & tube 16 mm stainless .steel sections, 1.2mm thickness Dimensions: Length: 125cm .Width: 65cm Height: 135 cm Positions: Back rest lifting from 0° to 70° 1crank with Nickel coated handle that is foldable .Safe working load 100kg   ...More
Patient’s companion chair (CHR02)
Can be used for sitting and sleeping        Chair mattress: leather surface with sponge padded, 6 cm     thickness for added comfortable     6castors 3 inches to facilitate couch position    The chair has an armrest Dimensions: Chair Position: 770 × 680 × 1125 mm  Bed Position: 2050 × 680 × 550 mm   ...More
Emergency trolley (ET-85001A)
ABS body, metal ball - bearing rails for drawers, Aluminum columns 2small & 3 big drawers with inner partitions can be organized Accessories: needle disposal holder   two dust baskets, power outlet 5m wire CPR board, oxygen tank holder          defibrillator shelf, IV pole, files holder 5inches castors two of them with brakes Centralized lock for drawers Stainless steel guard rail Concave top cover transparent soft plastic on top...More
Laundry trolley (TR11L)
Metal frame with two bags holders A bag for furnishings that need to be washed and a bag for clean furnishings         Plastic lid for each bag         Easy to remove bags for cleaning   5inches castors 4 with brakes Pedals for opening the lids        ...More
Manual dining table (DIN 111)
Dimensions: Length 70 cm – width 43 cm height 80cm: 100cm Table frame is made of pipe 90mm and 60mm and 32mm ,2mm     thickness electrostatic coted Surface is made of ABS 4double casters inch 4 with brake Co2 Welding Sand blasting Optional:gas spring Optional:single 2 inches castors   ...More
Hydraulic dining table (DIN 212)
Dimensions: Length 75 cm width 45 cmheight 75cm: 100cm Aluminum main column and steel base electrostatic coted   Gas spring for height adjustment Surface is made of ABS 4casters   2 with brake and  2 without       ...More
Manual baby trolley (TR 11MK)
Dimensions: Length 80 cm – width 45 cm   height 93cm: 120cm Table frame is made of 6*4cm and 3*5cm   steel sections, 1.5mm thickness     electrostatic coted   Acrylic baby basin 4casters  2  with brake and 2without      ...More
(ABS bed side cabinet (COM 110
Dimensions: Length 48 cm   width 48 cm- height 75cm Three colors available blue, green, beige  Made of heavy duty plastic (ABS( One drawer, one shutter   one rack, 4 towel hangs and 2 handles Optional: 4 casters (2  with brake and 2 without)           ...More
Wooden bed side cabinet (COM 210)
Dimensions: Length 48 cm width 48 cm- height 75cm Customized colors Made of high quality wood   One drawer, one rack    Optional: Four casters (2with brake and 2 without)   ...More
Infusion stand (IS01)
Made of stainless steel thickness 1.2 mm Mobile on a plastic base with 5 castors          Height adjustable 100: 150 cm Provide with hanger    with 2 or 4 hooks up on request   ...More